Your Bio Means Business!

A picture is worth a thousand words ...

If you’re a blogger the chances are good your goal is to work with brands, or grow your own business. The first thing anyone sees, including those brands is your profile photo. That one tiny circle can make all the difference. Your profile photo should reflect your personality and the brand you’re building. Make sure your face is visible within that teeny tiny circle. Why is this important? Brands want to see first hand see the person behind the feed. If your image is shot far away, grainy and your face is not visible? Brands may just pass by. Instagram’s ideal profile picture size is 180 x 180 pixels. You can resize images on almost any photo editing site and software.

SEO makes all the difference

Think of Instagram as a search engine! Yes, yes, I know it’s a social media platform too but, hear me out. Nowadays, you can simply search someone's wedding photos based off of a hashtag they made up. That’s pretty amazing. You can search thousands of restaurants, Instagrammable coffee shops and the perfect outfit for any occasion. You’re able to find these hidden gems because the account users take advantage of a little thing we like to call, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Most bloggers know to pay attention to SEO on their own blogs, but did you know it’s also a vital part of your Instagram account? Even more vital….your bio section.

An easy trick to up your SEO bio game is to change the title under edit profile. This is NOT your Instagram handle. This is the part where most people have their name. But, unless you’re a mega influencer or celebrity people will not be searching your name.

An example could be: Sarah Smith . Style Blogger because people are more likely to search, style blogger than “Sarah Smith”.

Let me hear your elevator pitch!

When it comes to Instagram, you have such a small window of time to capture someone’s attention. If your bio is ...for lack of a better phrase...a hot mess! You could turn away some potential new followers, clients or brand deals. Think of your bio section as your mini elevator pitch. I don’t need your entire life story, how much you love cats (unless that’s or niche) or how you live and die by mocha lattes (even though...I seriously do). You’ll start to realize the more you grow your brand and work with brands, the more you want to be taken seriously as a blogger. So what you need are the short and sweet details that get your point across.

Let people who land on your page know who you are and what you do! Some do this with a few sentences or in list form. There is no right or wrong!

Some things that MUST be included:

Name, what you do, location, link to your blog, or sites you want others to find (highly recommend Linktree when adding a bunch of sites to your Insta bio) and lastly, even if you have email attached to your account - an email address must be visible?

Now, at first I was like...why does it matter? I have a business account and you can just hit the email tap on my profile. Well, turns out a lot of brand PR reps use the desktop version of Instagram and that email tab does not appear when you’re on a desktop. So to make it easy peasy for them to reach out - have it visible in your bio as well. You don’t want to miss a brand deal out of laziness.