Working With Brands as a New Blogger

Working With Brands as a New Blogger

A frequent question from new bloggers I meet is, “How do I work with brands when I only have a few followers and readers?” Let me start by saying...IT’S POSSIBLE!

Now, numbers do play a huge part in working with top name brands. The more eyes you can have on a post the better! But if you’re under that 5K mark there is still a way to work with brands.

In today’s world we now prefer, more than ever, word of mouth and recommendations from people we know and trust to guide us when it comes to making purchases. Influencer marketing is booming and you can totally be part of the action! Even if you’re just starting out.

Think small before you go BIG!

You’re going to want to start by connecting with smaller brands. When I started working with brands as a new blogger I would find brands in my niche that had 500 to 2K followers on Instagram and reach out to them. I knew we both were still small and could truly benefit one another. I would search for the contact information and give a short pitch.

Free product!

As a new blogger or influencer your best bet is to trade for post. This means the brand will send you a free item(s) and you will promote for them on your blog and social media. This is a wonderful way to start working with brands and building those relationships. Keep in mind to only promote items that fit YOUR brand and will also make your audience happy.

Listed below are some wonderful sites to help you land your first collaboration with a brand.

Newbie Tips

When you finally start picking up steam after a few pitches and you begin responding to these brand reps remember to clarify all the details about the collaboration such as, how many photos to post, and send the brand, is there a specific post date or deadline and what brand hashtags do they want used (most brands have their own hashtags they like you to add to your post). These details should be discussed before a deal is made and product or clothing shipped out.

Once both parties are on bored make sure to contact the brand once your item has been received. Doing this exudes professionalism and it’s overall polite.

Do new bloggers need a media kit?

A media kit is a PFD file that brands will occasionally ask for, usually when compensation is discussed. A media kit consists of your follower account on each platform, information about your audience, and some photographs to showcase your content that you provide. A little tip: leave out your rates! This way you can customize payment to each brand you collaborate with.

Click HERE to download media kit templates