Why You Should Be Paid as a Blogger!

Why You Should Be Paid as a Blogger !

You ever feel like you’re not good enough to be paid for blogging? Maybe you feel like the smallest guppy swimming alongside some pretty big sharks. I am here to tell you that is completely normal but I am also here to WAKE YOU UP! Girl, You are good enough!

I have met several bloggers who have claimed to not be getting paid for their blog or social media posts. Now, to be fair we all have to start somewhere and usually when you’re just starting out the money is not rolling in anytime soon. Once you’ve laid the groundwork and you find yourself spending countless hours styling, shooting, editing, writing, posting and promoting! Then yes, you deserve to be paid for your hard work and time. Simple as that.

In today’s culture brands and agencies are seeking out bloggers and influencers every day. More and more companies are making room to have a budget for you! Think about it this way... if a brand wants to promote some shoes, they would have to pay for a model, hair and makeup team, photographer and advertising. That costs THOUSANDS of dollars. Or they could work with you - a one stop shop and pay you! Remember as a blogger your time is valuable and free work does not pay the bills.

Bloggers and influencers have cultivated personal and authentic relationships with their readers and followers. The audience is trusting of their favorite blogger because they follow along on their daily journeys from posts, stories, tweets and so on! People are reacting more to their favorite blogger’s content than any ad in a magazine or Billboard - How wild is that? Brands are taking notice! They love seeing a blogger rave about a product and then watching the conversation blossom in the comments. YOU did that! And YOU should be compensated just like anyone working a job would be.