Why SEO Is Important To Grow Your Blog!

Have you ever struggled with gaining an audience? I’ll admit, when I first started my blog and wrote my first post, I was waiting for the flood or traffic to hit my site. Well, I waited, and waited and slowly realized...just because you have a blog, website or have social media pages doesn’t mean you’ll be found. Google is vast and intelligent, and you’re going to need to do a few things as a blogger to get Google ranking on your side.

First things first, what is SEO?

SEO stands for - Search Engine Optimization. A blog that is riddled with SEO means great potential for a higher Google ranking, more readers and monetization.

Install an SEO plugin

I’m a huge fan of the plugin, Keywords Everywhere. This plugin is free and amazing to view Google keyword search volume, cost per click and competition data of keywords on multiple websites.

Next step, choosing your keywords!

This might be the most important task when it comes to crushing your SEO game. You want to include keywords in your blog that are being ….drum roll...SEARCHED!

If you’re a fashion blogger I would be looking to see what keywords are being searched on Google. For example, I typed in “Spring Fashion” into Google and hit my trusty, Keywords Everywhere plugin. Some popular searches that come are:

You’re going to want to include these keywords into your blog because it’s what people are searching!

A pro tip: Use Long tail Keywords: Keywords that consist 3 to 4 keywords that are specific to what you’re writing about. Using multiple keywords on your blog and title gives you a better edge with the competition. Example: “Spring Fashion” would be highly competitive but a long tail keyword would be, “Top Ten Spring Fashion Trends” would allow you to use more niche keywords and potentially have you rank higher on Google

Your keywords should be found within your blog title and flow naturally throughout your pos.

Pro tip: try and use your niche keywords within the first 200 characters of your post!

Give your pictures a title and description

When you upload a photo to your blog the host usually allows for you to change it’s name, title and description. Do not leave your photo on your blog titled: IMG_00564 we’ve all been there, but it is not good for SEO.

Have I lost you yet? Here’s a little SEO checklist:

  • Find your keywords

  • Write post

  • Add keywords : headings, titles, post & photos

  • Spelling and grammar check

  • Schedule or publish post

  • Promote on social media

Now, you're ready to crush some SEO and drive all the traffic to your beautiful site!