When to Make a Media Kit?

When to Make a Media Kit?

There comes a time in every blogger's career when they are faced with the dreaded question… “Should I have a media kit?” The short answer is, yes. Yes you should.

But the real question is “WHEN should I have a media kit?”

I am going to be 100 percent honest with you … it’s OKAY if you’re late to the game and don’t have one. Yes, brands will still work with you!

Now before we dive any deeper we should discuss what a media kit is exactly.

A media kit is your blog’s resume of sorts. It’s usually a beautiful, simple and informative PDF that is used to send off to brands and PR agencies. This media kit will showcase your accomplishments, what you offer as a blogger, brands you have partnered with and of course … dun dun dun ...your numbers! Yes, unfortunately your media kit should show how many page views, profile visits and followers you have (do not let this scare you off) !!!

Your media kit should show brands what you’re worth as a blogger! You don’t show up to a job interview with nothing like… “welp, I’m here.” No, silly. They want you to SHOW them why you’re worthy of the job and your media kit can do that. Easy peasy.

What NEEDS to be included

  • Logo / Blog Title or BOTH.

  • About me / your blog section - very small bio that includes your name, where you’re based and a short description of your blog.

  • A photo of your beautiful self! Show off some of your amazing outfit photos if you’re a fashion blogger.

  • Blog and social media analytics - page views, followers (you know the drill)

  • Audience - Let them know who your reach is! Is it mainly women? Men? Both! What is the age range? (all those details are so helpful to a brand)

  • Brands you have worked!

  • Your services- What you offer as a blogger -Sponsored posts, quality content, advertising, reviews,

  • Contact information- Email, social handles, phone number (optional)

What NOT to include:


I have seen this so many times. DO NOT put your rates on your media kit. I'm sure you're wondering ...but why? Well. Girl. Let me break it down for you...by showcasing your rates you're giving away all your power. You allow yourself no room for negotiation. A brand may of given you a lot more for your wonderful services but now they do not feel they need to because you've given yourself a set rate. Negotiation is going to be crucial when working with brands so allow yourself to be able to do that freely on your own terms.

Most brands will have a certain budget for bloggers so let them come to you with a number and YOU can then decide if that works for you or not.

If you're having trouble with knowing what to charge there are a few sites that can help! A popular one is Social Bluebook you can put in your analytics and it will generate an estimated rate for you! (by no means do you have to actually use their rate but it does help give you an idea based off of your information)

Now that you know what a media kit is and what to include and not include! Here is how to go about making one.

From one blogger to another it’s certainly not the easiest thing in the world to do but I promise it will be worth it. I made mine with Photoshop. If you're not comfortable in that area I recommend purchasing one!

I have gone ahead and found some amazing templates on Etsy that are downloadable and editable for under $20 WIN!

Keep in mind you do not need to rush to create one of these. I (Jessy) have worked with several brands prior to building my media kit. However, I can honestly say once I created mine brands took a LOT more seriously.