What To Do With Your Hands In Photos?

The question that everyone always asks when taking photos.... "what do I do with my hands?"

Well, friends, I'm no model or expert in posing but there are a few things I try to do when it comes to handiwork in my photos. Here are some simple steps you can take to fill that awkward thought that is constantly running through your head.

First, props - grab a hat, flowers, coffee, purse, bag... anything! it's a great way to jazz up your photos and also avoid the awkward hand positions that you (and we) dread.

Second, hair - our co-founder Jessy is a queen with the hands in the hair photos. If you don't know what I'm talking about give her a follow and take notes. @jessymplace this can still be awkward but give it some practice and you'll find it's an easy way to give your photo a little extra feminine touch.

Lastly, a few easy poses. Throwing your hand in your pocket or on your hips is an easy pose that will take care of the hands flailing around. Be fun with it - grab a belt loop, add some sass, and be CONFIDENT. Ultimately you can sell anything with a touch of confidence.