What's trending: Photography tips, tricks & apps you need!

Let’s talk about getting the shot! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just figuring out what the heck your iPhone camera settings do… don’t worry, I got your back!

First and foremost, you can have the most amazing camera or a phone and you can find success taking photos. I have a background in photography, a professional camera and know how to talk the talk (photographer lingo). I used to want to flip a table when I saw bloggers posting an iPhone mirror pic and racking up likes, comments and a swarm of engagement. It just goes to show you that being yourself, sharing what you love, and being authentic with your audience is what truly drives success.

However, ladies, the mirror pic with the iPhone still needs to be on point!

Now, if you’re a girl on Instagram … then you know lighting is everything.

It’s the same for professional photographers.


The best lighting is natural lighting! *picture me clapping intensely saying that*

What’s the best time? After the sunrise very early in the morning and right before the sunsets aka GOLDEN HOUR. Shooting during peak afternoon in direct sunlight allows for lots of shadows and odd coloring. If you’re not one to track the time like a crazy person (I totally do it) - check the weather! Cloudy / overcast days are wonderful to shoot in. No shadows and coloring can truly pop!

*Pro tip - Standing in front of a big window is going to give you beautiful lighting / Standing with your back to the sun can wash you out and standing directly in front of it can cause shadows all over that pretty face - this is where the timing of how low and high the sun is matters*


Professional DSLRs

If you’re shooting auto on a fancy shmancy camera you bought - you probably shouldn't have bought that camera because you’re not getting your money’s worth! Research, watch YouTube videos and truly learn your settings. I know you can do it! And if the idea of that sounds like no fun at all? Then there are less daunting, still amazing options!


Shoutout to portrait mode! This truly changed the Insta-game. Get creative with how you shoot! Phones have come a long way!!


They make tripods for your phone nowadays! Which for anything IG story related and photos is simply amazing. Highly recommend browsing Amazon.

Remember just have fun! Ask questions and see what your fellow bloggers are working with. We are ALL better together!

Check out some of these apps I personally love and I hope you do too!

Photo apps for 2020!