What I Wish I Knew Before Blogging!

Starting a blog is daunting. I don’t think many bloggers can say they knew what they were getting into when they started. No amount of Pinterest pins or blogger “training guides” will properly prepare you for the blogging journey. This is not to say they are wrong, rather to point out how unpredictable this journey really is. Because of this, I put together 5 things I wish I had known before I began blogging.

People are actually reading your blog

When I first started blogging, I genuinely thought no one was reading my blog posts and because of this, I wasn’t putting that much effort into what I was writing.

I wish I had taken blogging seriously from the very beginning because I was under the impression that not one person was reading. I also didn’t understand how analytics truly worked. Looking back now, I realized that there actually was a small audience.

You will have to spend money

Starting a blog impulsively (a.k.a ME!), I did not research different platforms or domain registration, both of which I highly recommend. My first blog platform I used was a free template, which I hated. I quickly realized, after trying every platform out there, I was going to have to invest some money. Which is when I took some time to decide if I really was ready to take this seriously.

While there are maaany great free platforms/templates, if you are ready to elevate your brand, you will have to spend money; whether that’s on domain registration, templates, or email listings.

Be passionate

There are many pressures that come with blogging: one of which is finding your niche! When I started blogging, I focused on fashion. I quickly realized that I did not want to put myself into one specific category, so I decided to expand my niche to more categories that I was passionate about.

It is so important to blog and post content that you love and are passionate about. Your audience will know if you are posting content that you love, and as a creator, posting what you love is what it’s all about.

It’s okay to fail

We all want to be perfect. And that’s okay. But, it’s okay to fail too. Blogging is a learning process. And, many blogging experiences vary greatly. This is a trial and error and it’s very tough.

As much fun as blogging is, and how much of a voice it has given me, there have been times where I have failed. These times are reminders of how much there is still left to learn and that is okay.

As successful blog does not happen overnight

Lastly, creating a successful blog doesn’t happen overnight. Creating a blog requires a lot of patience. I have learned so much about the things that I love, how I want to share them, and pushing past my comfort zone.

Whether or not the things you have learned align with mine, we can all agree that building a brand or blog takes a lot of time and revision. After I decided to take blogging seriously, I found myself trying to create something in a day (That perfectionism trait was really kicking in then).

Your blog won’t be perfect in a day, and personally, I think that’s the beauty of it.