The Tea On Being An Influencer Or Blogger…

Full Time vs Reality

Social media paints a beautiful picture of glamorous lifestyles, awe dropping relationships, picture perfect families and Kardashian-esque (yep, just made that up and I’m rollin’ with it) vacations. It may seem like everyone’s got their ish together but really...I, they, we... ALL, don’t! So the real truth? A lot of us have real jobs. But they don’t want you to think that cause that’s not chic. But the majority of your favorite it girls have a lot more going on than just snapping pictures of their lattes. Now, don’t get me wrong many bloggers and influencers can make a full time living off Instagram and their blogs but it’s a low percentage.

I’ve noticed when influencers or bloggers show their “real lives” engagement spikes and audience connections are formed. This is simply because you are not showing people a glimpse into your real world and it’s relatable to them. We want to see your beautiful highlight reel but don’t be afraid to show life’s little blemishes that happen here and there. Jump on that Instagram Story when you’re in traffic or grabbing your morning coffee on your way to work. People will be able to connect more with those moments than you prancing in a ball gown around Paris. But, I mean, if you’re doing that...than girl we wanna see that too.

Small Followers Means No Money?

Let me just myth bust this one right now! Your follower count does play a crucial role with brands, I won’t sugar coat that. But these numbers do not mean you don’t get paid cause babe, you totally can. Many lovely ladies I speak to with small followings will openly admit to feeling ashamed because they can’t work with brands yet. THIS IS FALSE! Whether you have 500 or 500K followers you can work with brands. This means you’re going to have to truly have some self confidence because the odds are YOU will be doing all the pitching. I remember at just 1k followers I pitched myself to a jewelry company. I didn’t know much about collaborating but I knew I could delivered the content they wanted and I charged them. Yes, me and my small following asked for compensation. They were a smaller jewelry company and was excited to partner up and get the word out there. I didn’t care about my following count. I knew I was quality over quantity at this point. If you have a voice, social media account, put time and energy into creating beautiful imagery? Then a brand will and can work with you, no matter how small the follower count. Just takes joining forces with the right one.

Blogging Equals Many Friends

This one is totally up to you! But, blogging can get pretty lonely if you don’t put yourself out there. So, we are so glad you’re here reading this with Bloggers Live Boston because a big goal for us was nipping loneliness among creators. We strongly encourage you connecting with local boss babes to grow your network and expand your knowledge. We’ve learn a lot, simply by asking questions! Promise, it’s not at all scary and you'll gain a lot from it.