Sparking a Relationship With a Brand!

What are some of the ingredients for a successful relationship? For me, trust and honesty are pretty big!

Trust and honesty are needed in any relationship and the same goes for building one with a brand. I have done my preaching on why it’s important to not just except gifting as means of payment. You work hard and should be paid for that work. Now, on the flip side…

If there is a brand you truly love then maybe expecting gifting is all you really care about! That’s totally okay. I’ve done it and so have thousands of other bloggers too. If there’s a brand that I am giddy over I don’t lead with payment because my goal is not to get paid, it’s to build a solid relationship with them and eventually...they’ll have your trust and you may be getting paid monthly by them. Some brands need to get to know you before they include you in their budget. If it’s a brand you love, support and get excited about talking about already then let gifting be enough (for now).

Story time: I worked with a brand recently and our collaboration was JUST gifting. They sent me the items, I photographed and posted. Simple right? Well, I was professional, communicative, honest, trustworthy and a next month rolled around and they had another campaign idea for me. Perfect! But instead of asking for payment I was simply just happy to do it.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago I came to them with a campaign idea and a rate I had. They accepted! Why did they accept? Well, they trusted me. They knew the content I created and my professionalism. They’re a brand I can bounce ideas off of now. We trust each other.

Brands want to work with bloggers that can take a simple campaign or concept and run wild with it. They want to see you make it personal to YOU. Advertising can come off very cold and unauthentic that’s why brands are turning to you, the creator to be less used car salesman and more ….well, human.

You as a blogger / influencer should embody trust and honesty. Your readers and audience should be able to trust your opinion on the things you’re pushing out to them. Once this is built, brands will start to take notice. Showing your unique personality throughout your social media platforms and blog will drive people and brands back to you!