Shooting Your Own Content!

Hello ladies! We hope you’re surviving and thriving during these crazy times. Our hearts are with every single one of you. Know we are always here!

Now that we all seem to be livin’ life 6 feet apart and social distancing from friends, loved ones and yes… even our trusted photographer sidekicks it’s time to learn how to create some magic at home.

Your Location

Just as you would any other photo-shoot you wanna work with your surroundings! Pay attention to what areas of your home receive a lot of natural light (usually a space with lots of windows.)

Natural light is key when it comes to quality content! If you have someone you’re with to photograph you in front of the window (not with your back facing it)or Self-timer it up girl! (will talk about that soon!) that will create a beautiful shot.


Everyone is home so here’s your chance to be very relatable and authentic! You could do a self-care post with a face-mask on, coffee or wine in hand, pajama/athleisure wear styling post? Work from home in your office or your space of work? Get all girl boss with your bad self! There’s plenty of props around your home that would make for an awesome shop.


Grab your fur babes and do a little shoot with them! Whether you have a spouse, family member or self-timer to take the pic! Showing a little love for your pet right now is something we all can relate to.

Directing your significant other / family member to photograph you!

I get asked how I’ve “trained” my husband to shoot my content. It took some practice and now he’s a pro! I started by placing my husband exactly where I would be posing. I’d snap the pic of him and then show him - “Can you do this?” It’s easier for people to visualize exactly what you want.

Quarantining alone? No problem - Meet Self Timer

iPhones have them, cameras have them… and they can truly save the day! Again take a photo manually of the spot you’re going to pose in! Look at the photo and make sure the lighting and focus is how you’d like it. From there place your settings on self-timer (10 sec allows yourself time to position) and… bam! Have yourself a mini shoot within your home, yard or neighborhood!