Pitch Perfect: Brands 101

Pitch Perfect: Brands 101

As a blogger or influencer, working with brands is the perfect way to monetize your blog and social media platforms. You can end up creating lasting relationships with these brands monthly and sometimes yearly (that’s the dream, right?) So how does one pitch perfect? I’ve got you, girl!

1. Setup your blueprint

When it comes to working with brands you’re going to wanna do a little research and look for brands that seamlessly fit your blog. It’s very noticeable when bloggers take on sponsored posts that don’t relate to them at all. We’ve all seen the “diet teas” and “teeth whitening gimmicks”. Now, if those are your type of things then by all means...post away! But if you’re a fashion blogger who all of a sudden is raving about a diet tea...then your audience is going to be a little suspicious and confused. The last thing you want is to come off as “sales-y” Think...used car salesman? No one wants that. The brands you work with should embody who you are as a blogger and that way you are marketing the brand and their clothing or products effectively and organically. Hopefully, keeping your followers engaged and coming back for more!

2. The scavenger hunt begins

Once you’ve decided on the list of brands that best mirrors your blog you’re going to wanna go on a scavenger hunt throughout the internet to try and find contacts. Google is going to be your best friend. Most brand and PR agencies have public contact info! Another good place to find contacts is on their website. Search high and low for the button “Contact” or “Press” and usually and email can be found there.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to slide into those DMs! haha

Guess who usually runs a brand’s social media profile? Someone who is affiliated with the brand and could possibly pass your email along. So don’t hesitate to reach out that way as well.

3. Reach out!

Finally, you’ve planned out which brands you’d love to work with and you’ve searched high and low for their contact info. Now, it’s time to pitch! You want to keep your email short, sweet and to the point. Hundreds of emails flood their inbox daily and truthfully if you’re leaving your life story for them to read... the chances are good they’ll just gloss over or ignore completely.

So here are some tips:

  • Be kind and genuine. Brands can tell when you’ve copied and pasted the same email to other brands 20 times. If the email includes a name make sure to use it!

  • Do not sell yourself short. What I mean by this is..if you’re a new blogger do not kick off your email with something like this, “I know I am a new blogger and don’t have many followers but…” STOP. You’re already arguing against yourself. Even if you’re just starting out, know your worth!

What to include in your email:

  • Introduce yourself and your blog name. Keep it between 1 to 2 sentences long.

  • Mention in just 1 sentence why you love this particular brand.

  • Present your media kit if you have one. Have no fear if you do not currently have a media kit. Linking your Instagram and blog and noting how much reach you have with the two platforms have always done well for me (Jessy).


Give the brand a week or so to see if they respond. If they don’t, try sending a follow-up email. Once the brand responds and seems to be interested send a detailed message with your collaboration ideas and rates (if payment is involved). Please remember that it takes time to find the perfect fit. Not all brands respond with exciting news of a potential collaboration and that’s okay! Do not feel discouraged. Just keep going and working hard and before you know it you’ll be landing some partnerships.

You've got this!