Photoshoot Tips For a "Non-Model"

Not a model? Not a problem! When I talk to new bloggers something that is always brought up is feeling awkward in photoshoots. To be honest, I still feel that way sometimes. Normally it’s because I’m not prepared (HA!) but I wanted to reassure you with 5 photoshoot tips that I find really helpful when taking on the streets to shoot some new content. #1 and most importantly- BE YOURSELF and be confident. No one will think you’re awkward unless you tell them. When people look at me I just say “oh blogger life” and they keep walking. Lots of people do this! You’re not alone! 

#2 Know your background and lighting. This actually is really, really important. There are certain times of day where the lighting is fantastic (early morning/early evening) and other times where the lighting is poor or way too bright. Especially for you fair skinned gals like myself. Backgrounds can make your look or swallow it up. If you are wearing a vibrant, printed dress and you stand in front of a graffiti wall it won’t look good, just chaotic! Find a place  that will help enhance your look, not hurt it.  #3 Work your angles and use different positions. You don’t want 50 photos of the same thing; mix it up with sitting, standing, leaning and different backgrounds. You can use the same outfit and have it look completely different when you shoot it right. I like to try and plan ahead of time what my “goal” look would be, and where would that be. If I’m shooting a city chic work wear look you won’t find me in the woods down a back road. Get my drift? In regards to angles I always say know your body. I know that as a tall woman I want someone shooting my long, lean silhouette. If I’m doing a walking photo I’m going to step out in front of my other leg for a sleek, long look. Same with sitting down, keep my legs in poses that will keep my angles long and flattering. This works for all body types so you babes that are on the more petite side, keep yourself long!

#4 Don’t be afraid to ask for direction. This is super important if you do not have modeling or photography backgrounds. It’s okay to be like “does this look okay?” “is the lighting working?” your photographer will be able to give you pointers if you’re open to them. Keep in mind, you get the final say, these are for YOU. Take pointers into consideration but make sure it’s what YOU want and like. #5 Use props- this is huge for us because the ever popular question is “WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?” Grab a hat, purse, coffee, puppy… whatever. Something that will feel natural to you while being photographed. Grab onto the brim of your hat, sling that purse over your shoulder and walk that crosswalk with confidence coffee in hand. Steal that puppy, I mean, borrow someone’s puppy and show off your chic, casual style. Be creative, but come prepared.

Written by

Leanne Horan

Social Media Manager