Photographer Feature: Paul Corgan

What or who made you want to be a photographer?

I've always been creative-minded and photography presented itself as a great medium for expressing this when my parent's first got me a camera. Then, when I got to college I decided to study digital photography, and loved connecting with people and storytelling through images.

How long have you been on your photo journey?

I got my first camera when I was 15 or so and have been working in portrait, landscape, event, and brand photography since then.

What has been your biggest struggle and greatest accomplishment as a photographer?

The biggest struggle for me through working professionally as a creative has been putting my creative work up to the judgment of others. However, being selected as the White Claw Best Life Ambassador in 2018, was a great accomplishment that I'm really proud of, and really validated my work.

Do you have a specific style you like to shoot?

I enjoy a variety of styles I enjoy shooting, but I definitely love to have elements of travel and nature in my shots – usually with a subject interacting with the space.

Biggest pet peeve when it comes to the photography industry?

I hate how competitive the photography industry can be sometimes. There is plenty of room for everyone and collaborating is the best way to grow your creativity, so I try to connect with other creative as often as possible!

Name 3 things that are on your photo bucket-list?

As is to be expected, I really want to visit Banff National Park and Lake Louise, but I'd also like to explore some different places that you don't see all over Instagram, too.

Your favorite photo app to use?

I really love PLOTAVERSE - kind of a secret among some photographers I know but it allows you to add some cool effects and movement (like snow) to your images on the go.

What camera and lens do you shoot on?

I shoot on my Canon 5D Mark IV and my go-to lens is my 24-70mm. I shoot a variety of photo and video so I like the flexibility of that lens.

If you could photograph any place in the world, where would you pick?

I think I'd chose some remote island somewhere – just anywhere with interesting natural features.

Do you have any photo goals for this year?

One goal I've had for a long time is to start working with brands that I really like to enable me to travel more. As that has begun to happen more and more often, I think my next landmark goal is to get my Instagram to 10k– only because then brands are more likely to want to work together! So, I plan to try to grow my following through providing useful and visually engaging travel content!