Photographer Feature: Chelsea Lowe

What or who made you want to be a photographer?

As a young girl, I took interest in photography because my grandfather was a photographer. I remember him sitting at the kitchen table putting together wedding albums and that's where it all started. My passion for it only grew as I got older and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in photography even before entering high school. I think my Papa was really proud that I took to something he loved and to this day he's still a big reason I'm behind the camera. He has since passed and I vowed to continue his legacy. I enjoy that a piece of him is living on through me.

How long have you been on your photo journey?

My very first paid photo gig happened 9 years ago. I charged my classmates $50 to take their senior portraits and promoted it with a Facebook post. I photographed quite a few of classmates; one of them being my husband who I had no interest in at the time ha! It's funny how life works sometimes, isn't it?

What has been your biggest struggle and greatest accomplishment as a photographer?

As a photographer, my biggest struggle is my own self-doubt. I set the bar pretty high for myself and beat myself up when I don't meet my own expectations. I am my own worst critic. My greatest accomplishment is finally shooting what brings me joy. I'm photographing clients who love my work and what I do. Instead of photographing what books, I am photographing from my heart.

Do you have a specific style you like to shoot?

I'm very much a lifestyle photographer. I like to capture the moments that happen organically.

Biggest pet peeve when it comes to the photography industry?

The photography industry is so competitive and everyone who has a camera now thinks they are a professional. It takes a ton of time and work to perfect great images! Sometimes it drives me crazy that clients will give their business to the cheapest photographer they find. I personally would rather 15 quality images than 100 images of overly edited photos!

Name 3 things that are on your photo bucket-list?

1. Photograph a Destination Wedding

2. Be featured in a Magazine

3. Give my shot at Travel Photography

Your favorite photo app to use?

My go-to apps are usually Photoshop Express or Lightroom. You can save your adjustments and create your own "filters" or "presets" straight from the app.

What camera and lens do you shoot on?

Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-70mm 2.8 ii or 50mm 1.2

If you could photograph any place in the world, where would you pick?

It's a tie. I want to go to Ireland so badly because it looks breathtakingly beautiful, but I also want to photograph Iceland and those northern lights!

Do you have any photo goals for this year?

Yes! I usually pick a professional and a personal every year. This year's professional goal was to build my network and have 1,000 followers on my Instagram account @clowephoto. My personal photo goal is to capture my family more often! That means bringing my spare camera to the fun things we do together!