NYFW Trend Report: 2019

Is it just me, or is figuring out what to wear during New York Fashion Week tricky? How does everyone look so chic while running from show to show?  Have no fear ladies, your trend report is here! Here are 12 NYFW ‘19 trends that you can adapt to your style. 

Leather Trousers

Leather trousers are an easy way to make an outfit feel edgier in seconds without having to carry around a jacket.  Pair them with a t-shirt and boots for a day-time look or with a blouse and heels to wear in the evening. This trend has been worn in 2019 by Zendaya, Charlize Theron, Sophie Turner, and Sofia Richie.  

Millennial Purple

Most people own a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, or accessories in the shade millennial pink.  Millennial pink made its mark in the fashion industry a few seasons ago as rose quartz and rose-gold.  The color has been oversaturated, so it is time for the new millennial color to shine on the runway. Celebrities such as Emilia Clarke, Sofia Carson, Sririta Jensen, and Taylor Swift have worn this trend in 2019.  


Tights can be an easy pop of color, a way to wear shorts in the New England fall, and a way to keep warm in the winter.  They can be a pain to put on, but tights can be the final touch that your outfit needs. So far this year, Kate Beckinsale, Alexa Chung, and Kendell Jenner have worn the tights trend.  

Checkered Please!

One of the more predominant patterns coming back to style on the runway, a checked print is a classic.  From Princess Diana in the 80’s, to Cher and Dionne’s plaid outfits in the 90’s, and to the Burberry plaid mini skirt of the 2000’s, there has been a variation of a checkered print through the past few decades.  In 2019, Sophie Turner, Kerry Washington, and Irina Shayk have worn this trend.  

Cinched Chic

We all have that blouse or dress that fits, but can feel a bit shapeless.  An easy way to fix that is a thin belt around your natural waist. Cinching at your waist can make anything from an oversized dress shirt to a blazer go from sloppy to chic.  Celebs who have worn this trend in 2019 are Caroline Vreeland, Emily Ratajkowski, and Rachel Brosnahan.  


This soft light green is a color that is flattering on not just all skin tones, but makes for the perfect accessory.  A pair of pistachio green earrings or statement necklace is a pop of color with an LBD or jeans and a neutral shirt. Celebs who have worn this trend in 2019 are Kate Boseworth, Cardi B, and Jeanne Damas.  

Neon Nights

Neon has been having a moment, not just at night, but during the day as well.  Neon orange shoes, a highlighter yellow shirt, or a neon pink lipstick can be paired with a cinched blazer dress or slip dress.  Celebs who have worn the neon trend in 2019 include Ashley Graham, Winnie Harlow, Blake Lively, and Priyanka Chopra.    

Micro Purses

Micro purses usually can fit your cell phone, a lipstick and a tiny envelope wallet for your credit cards, cash, and license.  The perfect accessory for on the go boss babes. Celebs like Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kendell Jenner have been seen carrying micro purses in 2019.  


Feathers on the edges of sleeves, on the hem of dresses, and on the tops of shoes are ways that the feather trend has been in street style and on the runway.  Styling this trend does not have to be Camila Mendes’ feathered Met Gala dress (even though it was gorgeous), but can be the highlight of an outfit. Other celebrities who have worn this trend this year are Kacey Musgraves, Lizzo, and Tracee Ellis Ross.  

Statement Shoulders

The power shoulder.  A call back to the padded shoulders and bold blazers of the 1980’s, a statement blazer can make a casual outfit look instantly professional and stylish.  Try a colored, monochromatic, structured, or patterned blazer with any outfit to elevate it. Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, and Awkwafina have all worn this trend in 2019.  

Lamé, Not Lame

Lamé can be a difficult fabric to wear, or so people may think. Either in silver, gold, rose gold, or copper, lamé is easy to dress up for a night out and has great drapability.  So far in 2019, Regina King, Olivia Wilde, and Kelly Rowland have all worn lamé styles.