New Year...New Algorithm?

As 2018 is winding down media and how to grow in 2019 is just getting started! Now more than ever publishers, advertisers and influencers are turning to social media, especially Instagram to help them grow their brand and business! I wish I could sit here and tell you that a new algorithm is going to roll out making our lives easier but unfortunately, that won’t be the case. The bright side? We have some tips and tricks to make it a little easier on you.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

I’m sure you’re reading that title like…yes, be consistent. We know!” well, I’m here to drill that into your pretty little head because it’s THAT important. When someone visits your profile they are not going to sift through photo by photo at first. They’re going to look at your feed as a grid. If that grid doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing and cohesive then you’re shooting yourself in the foot! Instagram is a visual platform so when it comes to social media...looks ARE important. This is where consistency on your feed comes in - the framing of photos should be similar and flow, colors, niche topics should all mesh well together when someone looks at the big picture!

# Hashtags Are Important

Hashtags are a wonderful tool! They make searching for like minded users easy breezy and help user to find and engage with YOU which potentially can lead to new followers. The trick though? You must use hashtags that are relevant to your posts. Trending hashtags are great but sometimes they are a little too saturated and won’t gain you any new engagement. Be aware that some hashtags on Instagram are deemed “broken” and will not be helping you to grow!

To make life easier I got the updated list right here: Click below!

Give a Little Love Back!

When you post a photo Instagram measures how important a photo is based on the level of engagement. This means - likes, comments, reposts, follows & so on! When someone takes time to give you a thoughtful comment make sure you’re being nice back and helping them out as well! And guess what- when you respond to their comment on your’re DOUBLING your engagement. It’s a win win! So don’t let comments just sit there. Double them and show some love back.

These are just a few tips for now. Be sure to follow a long for more! We are so happy you're here and hope you all have a very happy New Year! Go get em' !!!