Networking at Blogging Events

Networking at Blogging Events

As bloggers we are able to happily work from behind our computers or phones with ample “real-life” connection. We can showcase our upbeat personalities and perfect curated outfits all over our feeds and feel confident putting ourselves out there. But what happens when your blogging journey brings you to the outside world...dun dun dun...NETWORKING! Yes, darling. Not only will you have to be a social butterfly online but you will have to spread those wings and soar to some networking events if you want to grow your blog and impact a larger audience.

When it comes to Bloggers Live Boston we consider you all to be our tribe and best gal pals. The real magic happens when you’re able to turn these online connections into real life friendships. Trust us when we say...we know it can be daunting. I promise if you get dressed up and just go! It will always be okay.

Here are some tips to get you through!

Your Introduction

The chances of you being asked about your blog at a blogging event is very likely.

You’re going to want to sound confident and of course, passionate about what you write.

Before the event make sure you have an idea of one to two sentences summarizing who you are and what you do. Keep it interesting so the conversation can naturally flow.

Bad example:

“I have a blog about fashion and stuff.”

Good example:

“I’m ____ and I write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I love keeping up with trends and changing with the seasons.”

Your Why

Before you apply your lipstick and curl that hair of yours...think about your “why” for attending this event. Are you new to blogging and want to meet potential blogger friends?

Are you seeking inspiration for a project? Knowing your why keeps you focused.

Just Breathe

Whether you’re with your bestie, boyfriend/husband or going alone (which many ladies do!) just breathe. Everyone may appear to look confident and put together but at the end of the day we are all human and being a little nervous is totally normal and okay. Smile and relax. Blogging events are fun! So kick that worrying to the curb.

Ask Questions

Being at a networking event is the perfect place to get the inside scoop on the blogging world. If you have any questions make sure you ask. This will also help you to gain some pro-blogging knowledge and potentially make a new friend. Keep that conversation going!

Keep it professional

Whether you have 100 followers or 100K followers you should have business cards in your purse at the ready. I highly recommend Vistaprint to create a simple and chic design representing your brand. This makes the transaction of information from one blogger / brand to another much easier. That professional touch makes all the difference.

Remember You Are a Social Butterfly

The girls you meet at the event make sure to engage with them after. Follow them on social media, reach out to grab coffee to talk blogging, support them and cheer them on!

Networking events for bloggers are fun, social, and full of Instagram-able moments. Smile, breathe and remember you are amazing!

Upcoming Network Events:

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Oct. 6. 6 PM - 8 PM ($10)

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Oct. 20th 10 AM - 5 PM ($69 - $199)

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