Instagram: Your Networking Best Friend

Instagram: Your Networking Best Friend

It’s 2018 and the world is in the palm of your hands. Pretty cool right? Thanks to this little thing called technology and the internet bloggers can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

When it comes to running a successful blog you can often find yourself bogged down editing, planning and creating for what seems like forever and unless you’ve got a team behind you or even a savvy Instagram husband then the chances are good you’re going at it alone (props to you, girl!) but let’s be can be lonely and exhausting. This is where networking can truly help!

Bloggers Live Boston actually started because of YOU! Yes. You reading this. We networked with tons and tons of girls via Instagram and truly wanted to be of service.

How did we begin networking so effortlessly? Instagram. This platform has taken over the social media world and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. As of June 2018, Instagram has over 1 billion users. This is great news for you! This app is filled with bloggers and brands right at the tips of your perfectly polished fingers. So use it. Reach out to girls in your niche and comment on their posts or stories. Make a genuine connection. None of this “Nice pic” stuff. Put some serious effort into it. The more you network with these like-minded girls the quicker your tribe of boss babes grows.

The biggest step you’ll take is that first initial heart-pounding reach out to a fellow blogger, and from there, treat it like you would any friendship and be kind, sincere, and keep in contact as best you can. You are not going to mesh with everyone but chances are good you will click with some people and make some amazing friends along the way.

We challenge you to reach out to THREE of your favorite bloggers!

Be sure to follow along with Bloggers Live Boston Instagram page! and use hashtag #BloggersLiveBoston We are connected to thousands of Boston bloggers who would love to get to know you.

Happy networking!