Instagram: How to Plan Out Your Content (The Basics)

Instagram: How to Plan Out Your Content (The Basics)

Instagram might your hobby, passion project or even a part-time job! But we can all agree that running a consistent and aesthetically pleasing page is time consuming. You need time to create content, plan collaborations, giveaways and Instagram stories. Then there is the engagement factor...which takes time to reply to comments and share some of that love on other pages as well.

This all may seem overwhelming but hang in there! Once you figure out the right strategy you’ll be working smarter not harder.


Whether you’re tech savvy or work better with a paper and pen, you need to brainstorm all your ideas. Instead of getting ahead of yourself stick to a month of planning. Jot down the holidays within the month and plan around them.

For example: October's major holiday is Halloween. I know I can create a lot of fun content leading up to that spooky day. Which will make your content relevant to the month and draw your readers and followers in.

So here is how it may look:

October Content Brainstorm 2018

October 8th Columbus Day

October 31st Halloween

- Favorite Transitional Items Into Fall

Light knit sweaters, ankle boots, fiddler caps, over-the knee boots

- Apple Picking or Pumpkin Patch OOTD

Plaid, denim, boots, scarf, etc.

- Create a Fall Instagram Outfit Challenge and Invite Friends to Join

- Ideal Cozy Fall Weekend Getaway

Vermont, New Hampshire, Salem, MA, Maine

- DIY Halloween Costumes

-Favorite Fall Trends

These are just a few! Feel free to use these as a start and make them your own.

Batch, Batch, Baby!

This tip is a lifesaver.

Once you’ve figured out your topics you’re going to want to block out a day or two to photograph all your content. This may seem like a lot at first but it will make life so much easier.

I (Jessy) typically shoot my content on the weekends. I Pack 20 outfits and location scout with my photographer. Yes, the backseat in my car looks like an explosion of clothes but once the day is over I can rest easy knowing I have my content completed for the month.

Schedule Your Posts

Now that you’ve got your ideas and content completed you’re going to want to schedule out your posts. Thankfully this part isn’t hard at all! Apps such as Hootsuite and Iconosquare can schedule and post to Instagram whenever you want. When it comes to working with brands you’ll be given post dates! Instead of sifting through emails and trying to remember when that specific moment is….you can record it in the app!

Happy Planning, BLB members !