In The Words of Ross Geller "We Were On a Break!"

In The Words of Ross Geller " We Were On a Break!"

This post comes from a very real place, a place that I personally had to take advantage of recently. Taking a break. Like completely shutting down and just not doing the whole social media/blogging thing. Do you know how hard that was? Honestly felt weird but so amazing and later I found it was incredibly necessary.

Blogging is not easy (yeah, we make it look easy – but we all know it’s a difficult industry) and especially when you are growing your brand or platform. The deeper you dive into blogging the harder it is to feel like you can step back and take a break from it. I’ve found that in the long run not taking a break will hurt your brand rather than help it.

First, and most importantly, save your eyes! We are constantly starting at a computer screen, a phone screen, an iPad screen? I mean, that right there is a good enough reason to take a break. It’s your health, take care of yourself. Oddly there are so many times where I am working with a headache and don’t know “where this came from”… umm, yes I do. Be intentional with your eyes, they are super important.

Take a break by removing yourself from some of the blogging pressures. The lack of content, photos and constantly playing the numbers game with your followers and brands. This is crucial, especially as a new blogger. Being able to give yourself a break can really help you to not feel beaten down or disappointed. I found that when I was growing my blog I was constantly beating myself up over the numbers and content. It made it more difficult to tackle daily when you are going nonstop.

Clear your mind – avoid writers block, complacent captions and non-relevant blog posts. Do you take time each week to re-evaluate your blog? I try and take 30 minutes to look back on my content and make sure it is authentic, well written and relevant to my readers. Sometimes when you don’t take those breaks it can be hard to tell when you are getting off track.

See! Taking a break is good for you AND your blog. Shut off the notifications, recharge then reboot into action. You will feel confident and intentional going forward! In fact, I think you’ll amaze yourself with the content you come up with after a break!

Written by,

Leanne Horan

BLB Social Media Manager