How To Spot Brands You Shouldn’t Work With...

Okay ladies! It’s a new week and there are a new set of goals to crush. We know that many of you babes work with brands. Some collaborate or have paid partnerships! That is all wonderful. But do you know how to spot the brands that are not so great? We do! So sit back, relax and pay attention to these red flags.

Impersonal Emails

To be honest, if an email is not addressed to you personally there are two reasons for that. They didn’t care to take the time to seek out your name... or are a part of a mass email. The lack of email etiquette should perk up those pretty ears of yours.

Leaving Out The Details

Bloggers and brands are both busy bees. So when you receive an email with vague details about a potential collaboration…que the, “ain’t nobody got time for that” phrase.

When the right brand is seeking you out, you’ll receive all the main details in that first initial email, outline of the collaboration and they are clear on payment. Be wary of brands that show up in your inbox with their wishy-washy proposals.

Offering “Exposure” vs. Payment

Let me first’s totally okay to accept free product! We have all been there. Especially when you’re starting out and growing your blog. If you’ve been at this game for awhile, have a good size following, killer content...then ladies, you’re probably not working for trade anymore. Brands will simply ask for you to review their product and post on your blog and Instagram in exchange for exposure on their social media channels. Hmmmm might sound enticing but if they’re a bigger brand then they have the budget to pay you and if they’re smaller...what exposure are you gaining?

“Sorry, but we currently do not have a budget right now.”

If I had a dollar for every time I received an email back from a brand claiming they didn’t currently have a “budget”. My first thought...why are you reaching out then? Brands know the majority of bloggers do not work for free. However, stand your ground when it comes to compensation. I have had brands come crawling back with a mysterious budget all of a sudden!

Zero Freedom

It’s normal for a brand to want you to stick to their “branded style”, HOWEVER, your creativity should not be stifled. If you’re posting for them on your blog and social media channels then you should have creative freedom to style, shoot and run free with your ideas. Feel free to negotiate with the brand and work with them on the campaign. Your vision matters just as much as theirs.