How To Prevent Burn Out

Hello boss babes! We are close to a new week, and we are ready to hit the ground running...or...wait? Are you ready? Do you want to hit the ground running? If you’re feeling less than motivated these days you may be feeling the dreaded, “burnout”. We have all struggled to open our laptops or phones, and stare blankly wondering what to post or even tackle next.

Unfortunately, we can’t put our businesses on autopilot. You my dear, are the driver and captain of the ship at all times. But, girl! Do not fret! We have some tips to best help you prevent burnout.

Signs that you are experiencing burnout …

Being a negative Nancy

When it comes to our blogs and social media pages YOU are your toughest critic.

We know that you don’t just snap and photo, paste a filter and just post it! No, we work our behinds off, take close to a gazillion photos, judge ourselves harshly until we are satisfied with the one photo, edit it some more and THEN post it. It’s easy to feel burnout quickly when you’re doing this day in and day out as a job, or even side hustle. If you find yourself getting down, and being overly negative you may very well be burning yourself out.

You just “can’t even” anymore

If your close inner circle of gal pals, family, significant others are noticing your mood swings from day to day then you may want to take a look at how much you have on your business plate. If your to-do list is a few pages a day, you’re going to hit a wall. The people around you will take notice and hopefully have your back. If they’re noticing these things, listen to them! Do not shrug them off.

Your “work” feels like work…

I’m a big believer that if you’re happy doing the things you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Now, your blog, social media, creating content is all “work” but it should be something you enjoy doing. It should not feel like another weight is on your shoulders. If this is happening you need to take a step back and that’s okay.

Inspiration and motivation is lacking

Have you ever just stared blankly at a word document trying to write a blog post? We’ve all been there. Writer's block is not fun. Not sure what to style or post on Instagram so you go into the depths of your camera roll to try and find SOMETHING decent. Stop right there! You my beautiful friend, are experiencing burnout and a lack of inspiration.

Now that you know of some signs, we won’t leave you hanging! Here are some tips to help you.

Take action!

Make a list of what is stressing you out. Look at each item and prioritize what is important and valuable to you and the stuff that isn’t can take a backseat for the moment.

Take a break

One of the biggest misconceptions about bloggers and entrepreneurs is, “the busier you are the more successful.” This is false. Yes, it’s great to be busy, your mental health will feel it negatively if you’re trying to power through your day without a break. Legally, when you work for someone and you are working several hours a day they have to offer you a 30 - 60 minute break. So, even when you work for yourself or just on the weekends you need to cut yourself some slack and fuel your brain with a much needed rest.

Step away when you feel stress coming on

I’m all one to say, push through! You got this girl! But, when you feel the symptoms of burnout arising pay attention and slow your roll immediately.

Sometimes this looks like skipping your weekly blog post or ditching Instagram for a week. All is not lost, and it will be okay!

Remember your WHY!

It’s important to stick to the goals that better you and your business. Yes, we all have to do some nitty gritty things to get us where we need to go, but it’s important to remember why you’re doing all of this. Write it down, print it out! Read it out loud

Our personal favorite…..FIND YOUR TRIBE!

We created BLB out of a moment of burnout and frustration. Leanne and I sat at a coffee shop disgruntled, uninspired and feeling well, burnout. We knew we could create a space for women where we could life each other up in times like these. It’s okay to reach out to a fellow BLB babe, friend, sister, partner...anyone you trust! And say, “hey! I could really use some help.” I promise, BLB is always here to help.