How to Pick Out an Outfit For Your Instagram Post

Hello, BLB gang! Long time no talk! I bet we are all having some spare time on our hands since we started social distancing so that means we’re most likely spending more time on Insta! As for me, planning content has been neither easy nor hard. However, I’ve been able to really think about my outfits before I post my next picture.

Picking out an outfit for your next Instagram post is one of the hardest decisions you make second to picking out what to wear to brunch! You want to make a great impression when you make your post but how do you do it? On Instagram, we all know that our pictures say a thousand words and frankly, so does our wardrobe. In today’s post, I’ll be discussing the best ways to make your #OOTD stand out on your IG!

1. What part of the outfit do you want to focus on? Did you get a new top that you want to show off to the world? You best bet you want to wear it in your next post! Play around and experiment with what will go well with that top until the outfit “feels right”. Keep in mind you want to focus on that particular item so try to keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible.

2. Think about where you will be taking photos. Now that you have the focal point of

your outfit picked out, start thinking of where you want to take your photos. Your outfit will tell a story, think of the background or location you’re going to be in so you have a good narrative when you start thinking about a caption. Are you wearing a brunch worthy outfit? Pose at your favorite brunch place while holding a mimosa (the perfect prop in my opinion).

3. Don’t be afraid to look at Pinterest for outfit inspiration! It’s great to have a

closet full of wardrobe staples because you can create so many other outfits looks with them. I like to look at Pinterest for style ideas, especially when I’m in an “outfit funk” and want to find another way to style my favorite skirt. 4. Don’t Over Accessorize. Having too many accessories will take away from your outfit so try to not overdo it, especially if you plan on doing full body shots. 5. Plan your outfits in advance! Do you have your photo shoot scheduled in the future? Gives you enough time to plan your outfit and research your matching pieces beforehand! There’s nothing wrong with trying on your outfit before your photoshoot day so it gives you time to experiment with different pieces.

Most importantly, have fun with picking out your outfit. This post is all about who you are as a person and how you stand out on the gram! As bloggers, we’re telling our stories to the world while making a statement and deserve to be recognized.