How To: Cut Down On Screen Time

Save social media hours in your week:

Thanks to a feature on the iPhone you can now see how much “screen time” you are doing each week. I don’t know if you look at that but let me tell you I was appalled at the amount of time I was spending on my phone. Don’t get me wrong I work and blog so my time is going to be higher than most people’s and that’s just a fact I will have to accept. It got me thinking though; think about all that wear and tear on your eyes and those moments you may be missing out on. So here are some tips to cutting down your screen time and saving your beautiful eyes.

Be an intentional planner:

Something that I am really working on is prioritizing what I make time for. I’m absolutely a planner through and through but I had to really think about what I wanted to use my “screen time” doing. I am constantly networking with bloggers on IG, liking and commenting on photos to help with our engagement (and yours!) I try to limit myself each day to how long I stay on there. If you’re someone who watches shows/videos on your phone try pairing with something like working out or cooking. Least then you’re not just staring at a screen and you’ll be doing something good for your body as well! I like to do light yoga or stretching while watching reruns of friends!

Find a hobby for when you’re bored:

When I’m bored on the train, I scroll. When I’m bored at work, I scroll. Be intentional with your time! We only get one life, don’t let a single moment pass you by. Look up from the screen on your way to work and look around. When you’re at work, do some busy work or brainstorm! I find that things for BLB/my personal blog go much smoother with a piece of paper and a pen. I’ll scribble out ideas on paper before sending them in an email. It’s really helpful to put the phone down!

Now for the bloggers reading this, have your posts cued up ahead of time:

This was a huge screen saver for me but again with the PLANNING. I’m planning out my daily posts (caption and all!) and BLB’s daily posts ahead of time. I set them up the night before with the photo, caption, tags etc. Takes me 10 minutes max to get everything together and saved as a draft. That way, the next day, I can just click the photo and post. BAM! DONE! This has helped so much because I’m not staring at my phone trying to think of a caption or playing around with filters etc. It’s just ready to go. Less hassle when I’m at my real job trying to multitask my social media. It may not seem as much but if you’re anything like me it’s liberating to just have it done ahead of time. Also, I use a blogging platform that allows me to set times when I want to post. So when I finish I don’t even need to check it again, it will post when I tell it to!