How To Blog While Traveling!

Ever look at those travel blogger profiles and be like “wow, they are living the life!” you can too! We like to incorporate travel into our lifestyle posts because getting away is fun and necessary. Something we love to do is tell our followers that we are planning a trip and ask for recommendations. Some of the best places we have been to while traveling have been suggestions through social media, usually from a complete stranger. We highly recommend reaching out and letting people give their input, you never know what you might see, learn or experience.

Here we will walk you through some of the steps we take in planning for the blog while traveling. Some things to think about - where are you going? What’s the weather like? Are you doing anything adventurous? What will you be wearing? Where will you be eating? Where will you be staying? All of these questions are things that your readers are going to want to know about. It’s easier if you can have an outline of your post done before you leave so that way you are doing less writing while you’re traveling or right when you get home. Relieves a little stress! Blogging really is all about planning; when people ask me how I manage a full time job, a life and a blog I always tell them it’s all about planning. I plan things out ahead of time and I manage things based off that plan.

If you have a general outline of what you will be doing each day it will be easier to get your posts set up ahead of time, that way you are just adding the finishing touches and slight changes when you return. I also make a list of each day, what we are doing, what I plan on wearing (obviously things can change) and links to everything that I plan on wearing/doing. Food is another thing that you will have to add because people love trying new places to eat. Be sure to take lots of photos and have your review be honest. I always try to keep an eye on any food restrictions/allergies at each restaurant, not for myself but for my readers. This will win you points with anyone that may have allergies or sensitivities.

Finally you return home and get to work having your photos ready and your links queued up. Normally when I’m traveling I am all on social media showing stories/posts of daily looks and activities and do a travel recap when I return within a day or two. This will be way more in depth than what you will find from the road. If you have any travel blog tips and tricks be sure to comment or message us. We love learning new ways to successfully have fun and blog while on vacation!