How To Blog At Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week; bright lights, high energy and lots of traffic! Whether it’s your first time or your 100th time planning out your blog while you’re there can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be. This post will give you the tips and tricks needed to keep your content posted, relevant and on time while you are jugging fashion week.

Some things to consider; your outfits, shows, hotels, food, your photographer and most importantly, what do your readers want to know. All of these little details are things that you should post about, keeping in mind your audience. Some of these posts you can start ahead of time too which definitely helps.

Outfit – know those details and be ready to share them. When you post your photo tag your brand (or link to Like To Know It if you’re using that app too.) so that your followers can see your look and where it’s from. In your post it’s also helpful to mention price points and link from the website if possible. If something is out of stock, have something similar as a backup linked for your viewers. If you collaborated with a brand be sure to give them a shout out as well. After all, they helped give you a fabulous look at NYFW!

Shows – this is what brands and bloggers/influencers are always looking at. Be sure to take video and photos for your post as well. Not everyone can get into every show so this is a chance to share your experience with the world. Talk about the vibe in the show, talk about the clothes, the designer, the champagne toasts! Don’t leave out a single detail. Remember, there’s a young woman out there dreaming to be there, let her live through you!

Hotels – even if you’re not collaborating with a hotel you should still review it. People stay at hotels and believe it or not this could be really helpful information to someone who may be traveling to New York. Have you ever had a bad hotel experience? (If you haven’t you’re lucky or lying) be honest and share. I’ve looked into hotels based off what bloggers have reviewed, especially if they weren’t competed because that means it was genuine, every day service they received. No going above and beyond with baskets and treats.

Food – yes, everyone cares about the food. Take pictures, boomerangs, and review that food honestly. Talk about the snacks you brought and how they traveled to and from shows. Pop tarts and granola bars were my best friends at Fashion Week because I am awful to be around when I’m hangry.

Finally, your photographer – if you worked with a photographer be sure to review and give them a shout out. These men and women are the reason that your blog and social media photos look incredible. They are following you around like paparazzi and uploading photos to you that same day so that your content can stay relevant for your stay and your posts can go up on time. Be kind to your photographers, give them a shout out!