Help a Fellow Gal Pal Out!

Something we are constantly battling as bloggers is our engagement. Engagement is something that can really tear you down when it comes down to the nitty gritty numbers game. As a blogging community, BLB is dedicated to supporting, encouraging and helping with engagement. We want to see YOU succeed and if we can help push you in that direction, we will! Sadly Instagram is constantly changing and keeping us on our toes; what that means for you is that you cannot become complacent with your IG game. You need to switch up your hashtags from time to time, don’t copy and paste as often, and the list goes on and on. Basically anything that would make your life easier, don’t do! Since this is a struggle for all of us, BLB included, there are a few things we can do to help each other with engagement. There are 3 easy things to do that only take a few seconds of your time while scrolling through your IG feed. Follow don’t follow/unfollow people for the number. First of all it messes with their engagement and second of all it’s just mean! Anyone who is a member of BLB we follow, on our personal accounts too, and we try to encourage our members to follow each other. After all, we are a community of boss babes! Commentif you see a photo you like, say what you like about it. Tell your fellow blogger they are doing a great job, or you enjoyed their most recent blog post. If you can make it more than 3 words, and not all emoji’s EVEN BETTER! (yes, it matters) -

"When doing this, be genuine and add value. Don’t try to just look for opportunities to get in a public sales pitch or leave generic responses. Show your brand’s personality and engage in a meaningful way."

Likewhen a friend of mine posts something, I like it. 9/10 it’s because I like the photo but in the off chance that it’s not something I would normally care about (like being at a Yankee’s game, LOL) I still like it. Why? Because they’re my friends and I want them to succeed and be supported (just not the Yankee’s). If we all do our part in helping one another we will succeed together. That phrase “better together” is constantly being thrown around these days but it’s 100% true! We are better together, so hop on the bandwagon and support your fellow New England bloggers!

If you want to get the most out of Instagram, it’s not enough to fixate only on publishing content regularly. Instead, it’s essential that you also focus on overall relationship building while engaging with users outside of your posts and on them.
Social media algorithms will always be prone to change. But if you're willing to change with them, you'll find surprising new ways to reach your intended audience.