Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Networking Alone!

If you consider yourself a blogger or influencer (AND if you’re here reading this...I am sure you do!) then you know the struggles, and you probably face a lot of them alone. If blogging is a passion of yours then I can bet you spend a lot of time cooped up in your home tip tapping away at your laptop, organizing outfits for upcoming shoots and trying your best to keep consistency flowing - it isn’t easy, girl!

You know what’s ironic? There’s several THOUSANDS of us across the world all going through similar struggles, soloing it and feeling isolated. You know what’s a good tip when you feel like you need some human interaction?

Enter … NETWORKING! I know it can be daunting to come out from behind your phone or laptop to speak to these strangers face to face - but it’s amazing once you put yourself out there! If you think about it, everyone there has a blog or online presence of some sort, and they’re all there for similar reasons as you. YOU already have something in common with these fashion forward strangers.

There’s a good chance they also feel shy or awkward if they’re alone. Once you start chatting and realizing that networking can be truly fun - you’ll start to feel more relaxed.

Try your best to not corner yourself all night scrolling aimlessly on Instagram. You’ll be amazed where a lovely comment or compliment can take you. Find a girl you think you’ll click with and ask where she got her shirt / shoes / etc. from. You may think that’s pointless but ladies, it works! It gets the conversation flowing.

Another tip! Bring your business cards, you girls boss you! Don’t go around handing them out like you are Oprah giving away cars, spamming ain’t cute - but they’re professional and a great way to stay connected with someone when you find a person of interest.

My final tip when embarking on a networking adventure solo? Wear something that makes you feel confident. When you’re loving what you’re wearing you feel powerful. This outfit will act as superpowers when you’re feeling shy (okay, maybe not super powers… but ya get where I am going)

Remember - you got this!