Gaining A Following On: "Like To Know It"

The new shopping craze! We have had a lot of members getting started on the Like to Know it app and we are here to give you some tips and tricks to getting started. First, what is LTK? Well it’s an app that you can link to your social media accounts to help your followers shop your looks, all while making a profit of your own. Total transparency – it’s not as easy as it looks. First, you need to be accepted by Reward Style, then you need to build a whole new “following”. Not impossible but be prepared to put in some time building up your audience.

Some tips:

-Use captions that will help to engage with your audience on IG and other social media platforms. IG is about building relationships with your followers and the LTK app is another great way to dive a little deeper.

-Be descriptive with your outfits. Mention a price range, color options, styling details, extended sizes you may have linked that will highlight and educate your readers on this look. For example, when I post to the app I always make sure to tell my followers that my look is linked in tall, regular and petite – that way people don’t assume only tall people can wear these looks.

-Use overlays on your photo so that people know they can screenshot. One of the cool things about LTK is if you add an overlay your followers can screen shot your IG photo and it will automatically prompt them in the app to your looks! If you don’t use the overlay they can’t do that.

-Edit your photos BEFORE you post to the app. If you do a raw photo on the app but a filter on IG it won’t sync so edit first, then upload to the app, then to IG! Also, use the same filters if you are using one. You want your profile to have a cohesive feel to it.

-Use your IG stories as another way to share that you posted a photo to the LTK app! You can also take the time to show your followers your profile and educate them on the app and how it works. Some people have never heard of it before so take that time to share.

-Share your LTK profile on all your social media channels. It’s simple, more exposure!

-Photos that do well on the LTK app; product detail shots, candid shots, flat lays, anonymous cropped photos (aka without your face in it) and seasonally appropriate photos (you know, being basic in the fall apple orchards in your flannel LOL!)

-Repost looks that do well. Don’t be afraid to post the same outfit more than once. If you have an outfit that had a lot of hits, use the same outfit/different photo and share again. Chances are, it’ll do well again!

-Posting 1-2 LTK photos a day will help tremendously with your exposure and traffic on the app.

Again, this will take time for you to build up and see a real profit but if you keep to a consistent routine you will be just fine! Don’t be afraid to share on your social media platforms and tell your friends/family. This app is changing the way that people shop; it’s not for everyone but it’s definitely becoming a force in the shopping world. Jump on in and let us know how we can help!