Finding Your Inner Blog Voice!

It’s no surprise that the blogging and influencer marketing industry is saturated. So how do you stand out among millions? You be yourself! Yes, you are your greatest power. Your blog voice is unlike anyone’s and that is worth gold!’re probably thinking, “how do I find my blog voice if I am just starting?” Well, it’s simple… and we can show you!

Let’s talk personality. We all have them! Some are BIG and some are small. Are you outgoing and bubbly? Are you a little more quiet and reserved? Maybe you’re a little bit of both. When it comes to blogging it’s important to put yourself into the writing. You want your readers to be able to sum up your personality by reading a blog post. Include quirks, personal opinions (good or bad), add some humor (if that’s your vibe). Talk to your readers like they’re your best gal pals and they’ll be coming back to read more!

It’s the best when bloggers meet for the first time and feel like they already know each other just based off of their blogs!

Bloggers are notorious for being straightforward with their readers. If we love something we want to scream it from the mountain tops...aka blog about it, tweet it, snap it, pin it, post about it, Instagram story about it!

Here is where that beautiful blog voice of yours comes in…

Decide on a topic you want to write about and let your personality soar! Your audience wants to relate and feel a genuine connection with the blogger. Think about bloggers YOU love! How do they sound? Do they make you laugh? Are they more serious and factual? Pay attention to their voice the next time you read their posts.

This is beneficial whether you’re writing a blog post or Instagram captions. Reading your writing out loud helps to make sure you’re blog voice is sounding genuine, relatable and authentic. You never want to come off sounding like a “used car salesman” or a monotone robot.

As a blogger you are in charge of what topics you want to write about. So do yourself a favor and write about topics you’re passionate about! Easy as that. When you’re blogging about the things you love your blogging voice can bloom.

Have you ever seen someone talk about their passions? They LIGHT. UP.

You have the ability to do that with your writing. Your audience can tell when you’re “not that into it” and this is a sure way to lose page views and followers. If you care about what you’re writing about that’s the golden ticket.

Finding your blogging voice takes time if you’re a newbie on the block. Write every day. Draft up posts! Journal! Talk to other bloggers! Be unapologetically YOU. Your voice DOES matter and readers are just waiting for you.