Finding YOUR Brand

Having worked in retail for many, many years I’ve come to learn that finding your go to brand for all of your fashion needs is a must for women. I often get “I can’t believe it took this long!” or “how do you even know where to start?” Well ladies, it’s not rocket science but it sure feels that way sometimes. It’s called trial and error but there are a few key things to keep in mind while you are trying to find your brand.

First,and most importantly, know your body – for example, if you are anywhere close to my height you know that 9/10 times you will not be finding anything dress or pant related in a cute, little boutique or even sometimes in stores. Would I love to wear those cute sundresses from the boutiques I see bloggers posting about? DUH, but I can’t. (Totally stinks but it’s the nature of the beast) Being realistic and knowing (and accepting) your body type will make this journey faster, and less painful. Whether you are tall, petite, slender, curvy, athletic or busty there is a brand out there for you. Help yourself out a bit and take this important step into consideration before starting your brand journey.

Second, ask around and do your research! I’m always baffled at the amount of women I talk to who have done little to no research. If I see a tall woman wearing something I like, you bet I am stopping her in the streets to get the deets on her look. Social media and the internet are your friends – “affordable clothing for tall women” BAM, hundreds of options to skim through. As a millennial, I look up hashtags on Instagram and find women wearing clothing that may work for me. The options are out there, we just have to look for them!

Know the brand once you have done some research this next part is easy. Normally you can look at a store and know if it’s for you. Just because the store has tall sizes available doesn’t mean it’s my store. Example; Anne Taylor has tall options but they are outdated for my style. That’s why Loft and J. Crew are my best friends. Have fun with the search and keep an open mind. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find! Good luck!

Written by,

Leanne Horan

BLB Social Media