Email Etiquette: 101

Email Etiquette: 101

Hello, BLB Ladies! I am here to help you out with the basics of email etiquette when working with brands.


When interacting with a brand or PR agency you’re going to want to introduce yourself.

Just a short and sweet sentence saying hello, your name and what your blog entails. They do not want to hear about how much you love their brand / have always dreamed of working with them (they get that a lot and it’s not a professional first impression).

Example Intro:

Hello ____,

My name is _____. I am a blogger based in Boston, MA. My blog and Instagram features fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


When it comes to communicating behind a screen it can be rather difficult to truly get your voice across. Make sure you’re keeping your writing positive! I would not recommend using emojis (unless this is a close relationship that you’ve built with a brand). Use exclamations sparingly and be mindful of your "please" and "thank you".

Example Voice:

Hello ____,

My name is _____. I am a blogger bases in Boston, MA. My blog and Instagram features fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I would love to discuss a possible collaboration!


If you’re a newbie blogger it’s going to take some time until brands are filling up your inbox but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be showing up in theirs! Start being proactive and pitching yourself to local brands. We all have to start somewhere. This is where you’ll want to have your media-kit ready! Make sure your contact is aligning with PR, Marketing or Press Relations (these are the people you want your pitch in front of).


Whether you’re a full-time blogger or simply using your blog as a hobby...if you’re working with a brand the odds are you’re going to have to know how to negotiate. This can be anywhere from collaboration styles, contracts and money. Talking money can be daunting. You feel like this little fish in a huge ocean, but remember you are a business and your skills need to be validated.

Be compromising. It’s important to meet in the middle so both parties are happy and feel at ease about the collaboration. Never sign a contract you are not one-hundred percent committed to. Read things over and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


When it comes to emails and mapping out the details of your collaboration make sure you’re being honest with yourself and the brand. Brands usually have deadlines or ask for your “turnaround” time. This simply means: How long until you style / photograph / promote the product. If they want the want content sent to them within 5 days and you know you can’t follow through with those upfront and honest! The more honest the better and smoother the collaboration will go.

Following- up!

Following-up with a brand (or anyone you’re working with) is polite and appreciated. Even if a brand has declined a collaboration, a simple: “Thank you for your response and I hope maybe in the future we can touch base again.” is professional. You never know, a brand could change their mind!

If a collaboration has begun it is important to keep them updated on the timing of things on your end. If they have sent you product be sure to send them an email letting them know it arrived on time and everything looks lovely. Keep them in the loop when it comes near to the time of posting! Some brands want to review your image and caption before going live.


Keep it short and sweet like your intro. Personally (Jessy), I leave some links at the bottom in case they need to reference anything.


Hope you have a lovely week!

All the best,

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