Drab to Fab Flat Lays

You know when you’re scrolling through Instagram and you come across that photo, the perfectly put together flat lay? I have a few bloggers I follow that are flat lay queens. I used to think that there was no way I could ever get a flat lay to look that good but turns out it’s anyone’s game with proper planning. Today we are going to share a few things that every blogger should take into consideration before throwing together a flat lay.

Get Inspired

If you have never done a flat lay – STOP! Pick up your phone and start scrolling. If you don’t know what you find aesthetically pleasing how will you know what to try? I recommend finding inspo on Pinterest and Instagram. There will be a plethora of options and when you find the ones you like pin them! This will help you to see how your own may come together.


Find your props. This may be the most difficult thing you need to pull together. First, keep in mind what you are shooting and have a theme. Are you shooting clothing, beauty products? Is your theme seasonal? Vacation based? It’s important to keep that in mind so that your props will go together and flow nicely. After your theme find your props, keeping in mind a color scheme. Again, you want everything to complement each other. Don’t be afraid to play with texture too. Fabric or fur can add a nice touch when paired correctly Finally, if you want, grab a friend and add some limbs. Hands, feet, legs (if you’re sitting) can bring some life to an otherwise very still photo. It’s a personal preference but be sure to try it! The most used props we see while scrolling are little lights and plants!


Find your background. You don’t want anything to take away from the product you are sharing. Try to keep your background simple; a plain, solid, white background is always safe but you can also use wood, a table or even wrapping paper. Don’t be afraid to use a print just keep in mind colors and sizing of that print.

Time to Shoot!

Put it all together and shoot your lay. Some other things to keep in mind while you put together your lay is where you lay your props. Try and leave some space between each object and keep in mind sizes. Spread out smaller and larger items and similar colors so that there is a smooth balance throughout your photo. When it comes to lighting we recommend using a window or door for natural light, all while keeping in mind the time of day! Most importantly when shooting – shoot from ABOVE! For you shorter ladies that may mean using a step stool or a latter depending on where you are shooting from. Always shoot from above to ensure all your props are in the frame and to keep the image “flat”, hence the name!

Lights, Camera...Edit!

Undoubtedly there will be editing. Things to keep in mind; colors, lighting and maybe crumbs if you’re working with food. After that, share to your social media channels and watch the likes come in! Gentle reminder, if you are new to the Flat Lay game be kind to yourself. They only get better with practice!

After light and Face Tune are great apps for flat lays. Face Tune has a whitening feature that allows you to whiten ANY surface / edit anything out of the image that you're not loving like dust, stains or crumbs!

Some more pro- tips:

Say it with me…”Natural light is my best friend!”

I am a huge believe that natural light is the best light to snap a photo. You don’t need to break out the lights and soft-boxes for a simple flat lay...but if you’re willing, do you girl! Look around for the best spot. All those beautiful Instagram model worthy selfie are positioned right in front of a window and with flat lays you can do the same. The best time to shoot is when the skies are just a little overcast. This weather makes it so you have a very short editing process.

Aspect Ratio

You might be thinking...why is this important? Well, this could make or break your picture. When you’re shooting your flat lay, know the crop of the photo you want! Are all pieces in focus? Do you have every item you want in the shot? Some of you may want a square format for Instagram and if you’re shooting on your beloved iPhone than the “square” feature is right their on your camera. If you’re shooting on a more high end camera you’re going to have to mentally make sure you’re paying attention to your aspect ratio.


You ever wonder how girls get the perfect “marble” or “rustic wood floor” flat lay? Want me to really burst your bubble? 9/10 times those surfaces are NOT real. I know. I know. Instagram not always being honest? Get outta town. Honestly, this tool is genius! You can use marble or any type of contact paper your little heart desires! It’s inexpensive! Reliable and you can cut the paper to fit whatever you need.

Click this image to your left to purchase some beautiful marble contact paper!

Happy blogging! Make sure to tag BLB in your flat lays!