Creating Consistent Content WITHOUT A Photographer!

Whether you're just getting started or just haven't found the right (cough, cough, affordable) photographer there are a few thing to keep in mind when trying to plan and create consistent, authentic content. We have 3 main tips for the blogger without a photographer but you need to keep in mind one main thing - stay true to your brand. Don't snap or post photos of something just because you "need to". Your followers can tell when you "ran out of content" by that random photo that has nothing to do with anything you've ever posted before. As we have said many times in our blog posts... quality, not quantity.

- Ask a friend - I have 2-3 friends from work that know I'm a blogger and are willing to snap a photo for me while we are at lunch so I can post my daily work wear posts. It's nothing crazy, it's just a daily snapshot that I can recap on my blog at the end of the week. Ask a friend, ask a fellow blogger, heck ask a stranger (just kidding) but seriously, there will always be someone around to help. Just ask, be intentional with direction, and bam! You're good to go.

- Use your surroundings/flat lays - especially if you're a lifestyle blogger this is huge because you can share those restaurants you tried, or a new store you shopped at. Snap a photo of your food, that fruity drink or those beautiful Boston Common flowers each spring. If it's true to your brand you can post it, even if your pretty face isn't in it.

- Tripod - we all hate that tripod but we have all been there. Order one off of Amazon and you'll be golden. It's a last resort but will get the photo taken for you. Again, keep in mind that you want to stick to your brand and stay true to your blog. So if you're city chic, try to find a background that will reflect that even when you're not in the city.

These are great starts for all of you new bloggers, or you seasoned bloggers who need some new tips. Again, networking is your friend. You would be surprised how many bloggers have asked us about what to do when you don't have a photographer. Grab a group of girlfriends, have brunch and a photo shoot. I've done that so many times and it's a great way to get free content and make new friends!