Collaborating With Bloggers!

We have talked frequently about collaborating with brands, businesses and photographers but one thing we have not yet discussed are ways you can collab with other bloggers. In this post we will share 4 opportunities you can use when working with other bloggers/influencers, obviously there are other ways too but these are successful ways we have found in helping with engagement, numbers and networking.

Giveaways - this is an easy way to gain followers if done correctly but often times it can be flaky when it comes to keeping the numbers. We suggest doing this with 10 bloggers max (to avoid annoying those who participate) and creating a separate IG page for giveaways specifically. This way you can unfollow the bloggers participating and people won't unfollow after giveaway ends. As BLB members we are happy to facilitate giveaways if there is an interest, always reach out if you're interested.

Events - reach out to other bloggers and host an event together. Whether it is something formal with a brand or a casual coffee meet up getting your name out there is important, in fact, it at least doubles your exposure through the IG world. We find this to be one of the best ways to gain exposure and numbers because you are physically there meeting the people who come to your event. You're actually taking the time to know your following and create genuine content and connections with the New England community (people, brands, businesses, bloggers etc)

Engagement groups - Some find this extremely annoying but ultimately this is a great way to support your local bloggers. This is usually done on Instagram and it is simply a group message that you post in when you have a new blog post, IG post etc so that people can go and like your post, therefore, helping with engagement.

Content Exchange - When there's no DSLR camera around attached to a professional photographer, have no fear! Grab your best blogger gal pal and have a mini photoshoot simply using your phones. The iPhones have great cameras built in (hello, portrait mode) and other bloggers usually know exactly what you're looking for when it comes to the perfect Insta pic. We have many girls in the BLB community meet-up on their lunch breaks at work to photograph each other!

All are great ways to help your fellow blogger and yourself. We definitely recommend trying each option and see what works best for you! If there is another option you recommend definitely let us know, we are happy to add that to our list!