City Guide Feature: Bubbly & Blooms

When did you start Bubbly & Blooms?

I joined Alice’s Table as an event exec and launched my business in March 2017.

What made you want to start working with flowers?

I have always loved flowers, you can say so much with them whether it’s love, friendship, sympathy or thank you. I have always wanted a career working with people and helping to bring them joy.

What is the most rewarding part of your job and the most difficult?

The most rewarding part is definitely the joy I see on the guests faces when they have created a beautiful floral arrangement. The most difficult is the hustle. Running your own business is hard work but in the end also so rewarding.

Do you do flowers for weddings? If so, how many weddings have you done?

Yes, I host DIY assisted weddings! The day before the wedding the bride and her tribe get together and create all the bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnières, etc. Its the perfect bonding experience and you get that Pinterest dream wedding at half the cost! I have hosted 3 weddings and have 2 more on the calendar this year.

What are three goals you have for Bubbly & Blooms this year?

This year I became a mentor for Alice’s Table and started building a team.

- I want to grow my community of girl bosses and help them launch their own businesses.

- Hosting collaboration events with amazing female entrepreneurs and business owners is always a goal of mine each and every year.

- I would like to book 5 weddings for 2019. I love my brides!

How did you grow your craft and skills when working with flowers?

Practice and YouTube!

Of course, what is your favorite flower or greenery to work with?

Do I have to pick one?! I really love lilacs but they have such a short season so a close second is sunflowers.

What advice would you give women wanting to start their own business?

Find your tribe! Surround yourself with like minded and supportive women that you can learn from.