Boston Boss Babe: Sara x Allsaints

How long have you been with Allsaints?

Since March 2015. Just celebrated my 4 year AllSaints-iversary!

What made you want to work for Allsaints?

The first time I walked into an AllSaints location (Soho, NY) I was MESMERIZED. From the product, to the store aesthetic.. I was completely enamored. I was working for the Free People showroom in NYC at the time, and would deliberately take the “long way” home just so I could swing into Soho and shop.

What would you say is your personal style?


Typical day at work, what are you wearing?

Weekday - Billie Leather Biker, white tee, Ava straight leg denim, an epic boot.

Weekend - Maxi Dress .. an epic boot.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment and struggle within the fashion world?

Biggest accomplishment - Hiring, training and developing top talent. Watching my people learn + grow is unbelievably rewarding. I’ve been able to promote 11 people in my career with AS so far. That means the world to me.

Challenge - Having to give “tough love” to my team when necessary.

Is there a trend you absolutely can’t get on board with?

Extreme cropped jackets. It’s a no from me

Can you name a trend that you wish would make a comeback?

Old school jewelry/accessories. Pocket watches, lockets.

Tell us something your Instagram followers would never suspect from you?

I have “Original Gangster” tattooed inside my lip