Blogger Feature: Mariah

Why did you start a blog?

I’ve always been interested in fashion, I actually went into college with the idea of majoring in Retail Management until I changed my major in college to Human resource Management. One year ago, I decide to finally take the leap and create Anchors and High Heels.

What does your blog cover?

My blog covers my personal style, a mix of preppy, casual and work clothes. Travel (usually to St John, USVI) and life in general. 

What encouragement would you give new bloggers/those who are interested in starting?

There will be days that you might not get closer to the number of likes or comments you wanted. Don’t get caught up in it. I still tell myself that it’s just a number.

What struggles do you encounter?

Comparing myself to other bloggers and thinking, do people want to see what I have to post or is that good enough to post? Another big struggle for me is time. Finding time to come up with content and plan out outfit pictures.

Favorite/least favorite part of blogging?

My favorite part is being able to connect with other bloggers.  Least favorite would be two things, always having the connection to my phone. Don’t get me wrong I love connecting and talking to others but it’s the thought that you always have to either post what you’re doing or comment back immediately. It goes back to me craving a simpler life in the islands with limited cell service. Second would be trying to make a name for yourself when you know everyone else is going to post about the same stores and sales.

How did you come up with your name?

Anchors and High Heels comes for my love for the islands and my everyday life here. For me it’s a constant pull between craving to be in flip flops and a simple life to juggling my hectic life and always doing it in stilettos.

How long have you been blogging?

A little over a year, still a complete newbie!

What has been your greatest achievement in this industry? Personal or professional 

Getting accepted into after being rejected twice I guess third time was the charm.

Who are some bloggers/influencers or creators in general that inspire you?

All of Bloggers Live Boston Ladies





What do you hope you’ll get out of being a Bloggers Live Boston member?

Having a people that share the same wins and frustrations as you. Being able to bounce ideas off one another and grow my network.