Blogger Feature February: Sparkleedit

Hi! Emily here from @thesparkleedit I started blogging a few years ago as a way to find independent creativity away from work. I have always loved the game of shopping and have had fun putting outfits together that make me feel my best. Clothes should always make you feel better, not worse, so I love finding ways to accent my body and make me feel like a rockstar, all while staying true to myself.

As a blogger, it's not "normal" to admit that I am not a trend shopper. But I do try to find affordable ways to rock a trend that won't compromise what I believe in: that a well appointed closet will serve you better (and longer) than any trend-filled mess of fast fashion! I love following fashion bloggers who always seem to know what's up next, but the truth is, I'm no millionaire! And neither are my followers. So I am always looking for ways to feel like my classically filled closet feels up to date and on trend.

I want the people who follow me to feel like they are following their friend. I respond to EVERY direct message, and I always link or tag items because it doesn't have to be a secret - don't you want your friends to look good too? I know that for many bloggers, making sure you shop their links is their livelihood, which I respect, but since it isn't mine, I'm here to serve you!