Blogger Feature: Biana!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Hey there, BLB Babes! We are so happy to announce our FIRST blogger feature... *drum roll*... Biana of @BlovedBoston !! - Not only is she stylish, hard-working, and a actual sweetheart but she is a brand new mom! We are so happy to have her as our October feature. Below is the interview she did for Bloggers Live Boston. We are thrilled to have her as one of our members and can’t wait for you to read what she is all about.

Why did you start a blog?

I started reading blogs about two years before I actually wrote my first post. I was itching to do something creative since at the time my job didn’t have that aspect, so this was the perfect outlet. My husband actually nudged me into writing my first post by designing my blog – helping me with the logo and all but actually writing it for me!!

What does your blog cover?

I like to think of B-Loved Boston as a lifestyle blog. I cover a little bit of everything but my favorite topics to write about are things to do around Boston, book reviews and travel with a little fashion thrown in. Also, I'm started to incorporate a little bit about being a new mom since I just had my daughter in August.

What encouragement would you give new bloggers/those who are interested in starting?

The best thing about blogging is the community you can build and the friendships that you make. I have my daily blog reads and I always show my interest by commenting on their posts and always responding to comments that I get to my posts. That type of interactions is the social part of blogging and how you build the relationships and connection with your readers.

You really shouldn't go into creating a blog because you want to make money. You should want to blog because you want to share your point of view on things which is completely different from anyone else's out there. Embrace your unique voice and you’ll create a name for yourself that way. I think consistency is key, you can't start a blog and just post once a month - once you have readers they'll expect content and you have to try to create a realistic schedule for yourself to keep up with.

What struggles do you encounter?

Truth be told, blogging takes up a lot of time so finding the time to blog as much as I used to is one of my newest struggles. I just had a baby and even though I’m on maternity leave it’s tough getting posts up even twice a week. Another struggle is the comparison game, you can create a blog post or post a photo on Instagram that you think is amazing but it just doesn't get the traction that you want it to. That's a struggle, but I've actually learned to just create the content that I would want to see and read, so if people like it great, if not no worries either because at least I'm happy with what I'm producing.

Favorite/least favorite part of blogging?

Absolute favorite thing about blogging is all the friendships I’ve made. I have gone on trips with the girls I met through blogging, I’ve hosted them in my home and even traveled to their homes! It's truly the best thing ever to know I have a friend in practically every city I want to visit!

Being a blogger in a very saturated market is definitely tough and probably my least favorite thing. It's hard to stand out, but it goes back to having your own unique voice and with that people will come to your blog for certain things.

How did you come up with your name?

I’ve had my name since college. My niece couldn't say my name Biana so she called me B and in college I got the nickname B-Love and I always wanted to move to Boston so the handle B-Loved Boston was born. The first social media profile I had with it was Twitter back when it first came out, so when it came time for my blog it was a no brainer for me and the bonus was that I didn't have to change any o my handles!!

How long have you been blogging?

It’ll be 5 years in November!

What has been your greatest achievement in this industry? Personal or professional


I have always loved weddings and through the blog I started writing for a wedding blog for about a year, because of that I was actually asked to plan a friend's wedding. My good friend Jackie and I decided we would start our own wedding planning business and from there it just took off! I know that having my blog definitely propelled that because I had a built in reader base at that point and brides that were reaching out had been reading my blog and felt like they knew me already which was the greatest compliment.


Pitching brands is always a scary thing because you're putting yourself out there and there is a really good chance they will say no to your request, but you have to ask. My husband and I were traveling to Ireland and planning to road trip around the country. I reached out to a car rental company and pitched them my idea for blog posts and social media shares and they loved it! Not only did I the brand say yes, but they are a global company that I was able to add to my media kit so that future brands would see a really well known name.

Who are some bloggers/influencers or creators in general that inspire you?

There are SO many amazing bloggers and influencers that inspire me! I really love Kathleen’s blog – Carrie Bradshaw Lied - She has a great mix of everything and when you read her posts you feel like she’s just a friend talking to you! You’ll get what I mean if you follow her on Instagram! Lydia Elise Millen is also incredible. She's one of the realest Youtuber's out there & incredibly stylish! She is definitely a blogger / influencer that has such an authentic following and her vlogs are my absolute favorite to watch. I was in Dublin at the same time that she did an event there and was able to meet her. It's always nice to know that someone isn't putting on a show and is really as authentic and nice as they appear to be on social media!

What do you hope you’ll get out of being a Bloggers Live Boston member?

I'm so excited to expand my network of Boston Bloggers! I know that this is going to be such a great community to be part of and I'm really looking forward to the great content, guides and support that it will hopefully bring!