Blog Photos: What NOT to do!

Forget Flash

There is a time and place for flash photography. Flash lighting can cause your image to appear overexposed and washed out. Instead turn your flash off and proceed to take the photo! Natural light is always best.

“One of the benefits of shooting with natural light is to be free with your composition and your posing. That’s exactly why I’ve been shooting a lot of natural light lately and Jessica makes great use of it,” Ortiz says in the video’s narration. “You’re going to notice how she has the model walking back and forth. She’s getting really dynamic poses and different looks, things I couldn’t do with the flash because I would need the model to be in one spot.”

Busy Backgrounds

We all love a good background! Those artsy street walls can give us all the “blogger” vibes. Pay close attention to what your wearing. Does it clash with the background? Is it too busy? Photos with a busy background can seem chaotic and messy. If this is your style...make sure your outfits are on the simpler side.

Direct Sunlight

Never take your photos standing in direct sunlight! Avoid this at all cost. Unless... you’re looking for that “sun in your eyes and shadows all over your face kinda look”.

Instead seek out shaded areas and pose with the sun in front of you - NOT behind you!

Copy Cats

A lot of photographers and creatives can make the mistake of being copycats. Sometimes this is completely on accident because they may feel “inspired” by someone’s work but be very careful. It’s good to get inspired but make sure you’re putting your own spin on the idea and image composition. It’s like walking around telling people the spectacular “I have a dream….” speech is yours.

Posting All Your Photos in Real Time

Have you ever followed someone on Instagram and noticed they post about 20 times a day….from that SAME day. Posting too many photos of the same thing on the same day can take the attention away from your best photos. Photographers take up to 600 images a shoot! (crazy, right?) So imagine if they decided to use all of those! We all know only a handful of those images are worth using. Make sure to go through and edit your shoots. Pick the best ones and spread them out throughout the week or month so your followers and readers do not get bored.

Shooting at Night

Sometimes life gets the best of us and we all don’t have time to shoot during the day but if you have the option make sure you’re choosing wisely. Night time indoor photos can cause your images to appear more grainy, yellow and warm-toned. By all means...if this is the look you’re going for then props to you! The best times to shoot are early morning right at the sun is about to rise and the famous, "Golden Hour" right before the sun is about to set.