Behind The Scenes: Blogging Tips & Tricks

Behind The Scenes: Blogging Tips & Tricks

Have you ever had writers block to the point where you are sitting in front of your laptop with that blank Word Doc for like 30 minutes just… blinking? Well I have (and if you haven’t you’re either lying or just wait because your turn is coming). To try and avoid this writers block from happening there are 5 main tips that I have found to be useful.

First, be organized and print out a monthly calendar. I usually plan two months ahead of time to make sure that I have the majority of my content mapped out. You can print out free blank calendar’s online or make your own in an excel sheet, which is what I did.

Next, know the calendar. Thinking ahead it’s always good to gather up holidays, seasonal events, hashtag holidays that other bloggers or readers may want to participate in. With fall/winter you can be thinking about those activities around the city that everyone could enjoy with friends and family. (We have a post like this coming out soon – stay tuned!) This is helpful when planning out your content for the month. Love to ice skate? Write up a post about your experience and outfit details. Not only can your audience admire your chic style but they may want to try that skating facility out too. Especially when it looks like you are having so much fun!

Network – This is something that was at first intimidating for me. I mean, I was a new blogger and felt completely exposed and inadequate at these events talking to women who have been doing this for years and have a billion followers. OR you have that blogger who has a ton of followers and has been blogging a short amount of time, just like you. The compare and contrast social media game is toxic. DON’T DO IT! Networking for me is a chance to learn, grow and meet new friends. Friends are people you have a common interest with. Blogging is your common interest and everyone had to start somewhere. Don’t think numbers and followers. Think about what inspires you when you’re scrolling through your feed. Think about the bloggers who you connect with and WHY. That’s important too.

Engagement can be difficult. Blogging (unfortunately) is a bit of a numbers game. Instagram has made some strides in giving you tools to succeed. Knowing your audience is important; knowing the age group and when they are most active can help with your engagement. I also challenge you to put in the work too. Comment on people’s photos and respond to them when they message you. That’s a connection you’re making with a follower. There are times where there are so many comments how can you keep up? Try! Your readers want to feel like they know you, can trust you. That brings me to my next point…

Self-reflect. This is huge in gaining a loyal audience. Are you real? True? If you’re just selling a sales pitch people won’t stick around OR they won’t actually read your blog. They will simply scroll through and not engage. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine. When it seems like you’re just trying to gain a dollar I’m bored. I love following Kristi Ridley (@kristiridley) for a few reasons; first, she’s an absolute riot. Like I laugh out loud at her IG stories all the time. Mainly though, her blog and posts are real. They reflect her personality and style. I can connect with her in so many ways to the point where if I ever met her I feel like I could carry on a conversation for hours. That’s what you want with your audience!

It’s not easy; blogging is a tough industry to get into. Work hard, meet people and be intentional with your posts. That’s what we at BLB are here for! To help, encourage, support and watch you succeed! Always message with questions or blog post ideas you would like to see! Having a strong blogging community is so important, be sure to take advantage of us!

Written by

Social Media Manager of BLB

Leanne Horan