Affiliate Marketing....Is It Working in Your Favor?

Hi ladies! Welcome back! In this blog post we’ll be tackling - Affiliate Marketing. For those who don’t know here’s a little refresher on what this is:

“Affiliate marketing by definition is a performance based business in which revenue is generated by independent marketers called affiliates who earn a fixed commission paid only when sales are made, leads are confirmed, or any qualified action takes place.”

If you’re anything like me you probably hear affiliate marketing and begin to think of a sleazy car salesman or the dreaded Instagram spam. It’s a tricky slope to navigate but if you do it in an authentic way? It could be very valuable.

The game is about earning a decent cut of sales! Of course like anything there’s some pros and cons.

Let's kick things off on a positive note shall we?

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing -

1. You do not need to be an expert to succeed! You can learn as you go and even during the early stages see a profit.

2. You have full control! You get to decide how you market the product, clothing etc. Maybe Instagram is your stomping grounds or maybe you find you have better luck selling over on Facebook. It’s all trial and error and you get to go at your own pace.

3. Secondary source of income! I truly believe it’s important to have passive income coming in. Especially if it’s in something you truly enjoy. Affiliate marketing is a great place to start. If there’s a product or brand you just adore - why not get a little compensation for bragging about it all the time?

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing -

1. No guarantee or revenue! I find that once you sign up to be an affiliate the brand always gushes how great their program is...however, everyone is different with sales and it’s not guaranteed you’ll be great at it or even love it!

2. Freelancing is not for everyone. If you find that you want affiliate marketing to be the bulk of your income, take some time to truly think about what that means. Many of us need consistency and routine. Often working from home or selling too hard can cause us to feel alone or burn out!

It can come off as desperate!

3. Can seem desperate if done poorly - Have you ever seen someone sell their affiliate code 50 times a day? It is a huge turn off and it makes it hard for your audience to trust that you love the product or brand.

Whether you dine into this new endeavor or just want to skim the shore of it! You can go back to these pros and cons and see where you weigh in.