5 Fears Of Networking & How To Overcome Them

5 Fears Of Networking & How To Overcome Them

I remember my first blog network event like it was yesterday. I had been blogging for less than a year and I remember thinking to myself “why am I doing this?” I felt completely inadequate next to all these glamorous bloggers with a ka-billion followers and a cute IG handle. How could I possibly measure up? Make friends? Contribute in conversation? (have I freaked you out yet?)

Looking back, the first event is always the hardest. After that, you know faces, stories and can contribute in follow up conversations when you bump into a blogger randomly on the street. Which has you know, can happen often. When I was thinking about this post and my firsts experience there were 5 things that really stuck out to me. I want to share them with you and assure you that they can be overcome. In fact, I’m willing to bet that it’ll make you a stronger, more confident woman as well!

Fear # 1 The numbers game. Numbers, gross. I remember one of the first things someone asked me at this event was “how many followers do you have?” I remember wanting to vomit as I answered like 350? One thing to remember is your path is different than mine, your audience is different than mine and YOU are different than me. Comparing yourself to others isn’t healthy in life, same goes with blogging. Easier said than done, I know, but if you keep your “why” at the center of your blog you don’t worry so much about the numbers. At the end of the day if you get 1 like, 1 comment, 1 reader on your website – you’re doing fine. All you need to do to be relevant is connect with one person. If you’re not doing that, which I highly doubt, let me help you!

Fear # 2

Stranger danger. There is something about going to a new place with people you don’t know. Will they be nice? Will they be welcoming? Will this be clicky like in high school? Not going to lie I’ve been to events where I left shortly after and I’ve been to ones that were so fun that I didn’t want to leave. The way you approach it will ultimately make or break your time. Don’t have unrealistic expectations for people, especially ones you don’t know. I walk into each event thinking that it’ll blow my mind and I’m making new friends.

Fear # 3

Do I know enough? Being a new blogger this was something that I was constantly fearing. Are people going to be talking about things I know nothing about? To be honest, I always learn something new at each event I attend. So this really shouldn’t be a fear but an optimistic knowledge that you will learn SOMETHING. So instead of fearing it, I’ve learned to look forward to the unknown. That’s the perk of being a blogger there will always be someone who knows more than you!

Fear # 4

Do I know too much? You may have read fear #3 and been like wait.. why would you fear you know too much? Hear me out, recently BLB did an event on working with brands. Jessy works with brands frequently, I work with them sparingly. Does that mean Jessy shouldn’t go to an event because she has a lot of experience in that area? No! GO! If there is ever an event you feel you won’t learn something at you need to change your way of thinking. There will always be something new to learn!

Fear # 5

Am I prepared? This is a real fear. I still have this fear every time I go somewhere. Business cards, media kits, websites, keeping track of all the numbers. To be honest, all of these things are important but not always necessary. If there is one thing I would always suggest having on you it’s your business cards. Those are tangible things that bloggers and brands can take with them. Don’t feel inadequate if you don’t have all of these things, they take time to build and will need constant updating. First and foremost – business cards!

Honestly, blogging is an ever changing world. Things will never remain stagnant. Do the best you can, ask questions, be open minded and always, always, always be confident in yourself. It’ll get you further than the numbers game ever will. When in doubt, bet on yourself.

Written by

Leanne Horan

BLB Social Media