4 Instagram Mistakes You're Making In 2020

Hello BLB babes! If you’re like us… you’ve probably got a lot more time on your hands these days. Why not channel some of that new found time and energy into your Instagram?

Today we are taking a look at some possible mistakes you may be making!


Instagram is a social media platform… hence… you gotta be social! Being active with your followers and even similar accounts is essential in your growth here on the ‘Gram.

If you’re a BLB member - look up the hashtag #bloggersliveboston there you will see tons of member’s posts using our hashtags! Interact with each other! Find accounts that spark your interest and give them a follow, like some photos, leave some genuine comments. The odds are the girls will see this activity and come check out your page… before you know it, you may meet at a BLB event and click in real-life!

If you’re just posting and putting your phone back in your pocket, you’re hurting your content in the long run. Make sure you’re engaging with those who are commenting/liking your post!


We’ve all been there… we’ve run out of content, and we turn to the depths of our camera roll to hopefully find something to post. Typically we are not in love with this photo...but eh.. It will do the job, right?

If you’re not proud of your content the odds are your followers won’t be either. If you need to post to keep the algorithm happy turn to your IG Stories and keep your followers up to date on something more candid.


One of the biggest mistakes people make on Instagram is using hashtags that are way too broad! Hashtags such as #fashion #love #food #coffee #blogger - These hashtags are popular and vague. There are 989 MILLION posts under this hashtag right now. There’s a good chance if you use this hashtag your photo will never be seen on it.

What would be a better hashtag? #Bostonblogger #Bostonstyleblogger

#NewEnglandBlogger would be better / less popular hashtags where you photo could gain some traction.


Think about your bio like a business card! People should be able to land on your profile and know exactly who you are, what you do, how to contact you and where in the world you’re located!

It’s cute to have a bio that talks about how much you love shoes.. But if you’re looking to work with brands, you have to add more valuable information there.

Example of a great bio -

  1. Name - (Actual name)

  2. Mission statement

  3. Location

  4. Website

  5. Email

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